Greens to lead Bristol City Council 

Political parties reach agreement on working collaboratively

Green Cllr Tony Dyer to become Leader of the Council and the Greens to chair 6 of the 8 new policy committees. 

The leaders of all the political parties on Bristol City Council have reached an agreement on how the new committee system will operate, with all parties taking up key positions.

Following negotiations with other parties, Cllr Tony Dyer, who was selected by the Greens as their nominee for Leader of the Council, is set to be voted in as Leader of the Council at the council’s AGM next Tuesday, with Cllr Heather Mack as Deputy Leader. 

Greens will also chair six of the new policy committees, with the Lib Dems chairing the remaining two. All parties will hold vice chair positions.

Gains at the Local elections made the Green Group the largest on Bristol City Council with 34 Councillors, just short of an overall majority.  Following this, the Green Group went into negotiations with other parties committed to sharing the chair positions of the eight new policy committees proportionally. A decision has now been reached, with all parties in positions to run the city together. 

Cllr Tony Dyer said; “I am humbled to have been chosen as Bristol’s first Green Council Leader, and will do all I can to help tackle the challenges facing Bristol.”

“Working with other parties and the communities that we serve, we can deliver on our promises and put social and environmental justice at the heart of all decision making over the next four years. 

“Our manifesto promises hope and action on key areas that matter most to the city, like housing and transport. Turning that hope into action starts now.”

Leader of the Green Group Cllr Emma Edwards said, “I am delighted that we have reached an agreement on how the city will be run for the next four years. The Council will be led by Greens and will involve representatives of all parties with the aim of making the best possible decisions for the people of Bristol.”

“The start of the committee system, voted for by the people of Bristol, marks a new era for politics in this city. This Green Group, the largest that has ever existed, is committed to a positive, progressive, transparent, and inclusive Council and the people of Bristol clearly feel the same.  We will work tirelessly to uphold these values.”