‘No one party has a monopoly on good ideas’ – Cllr Emma Edwards

The Green Group on Bristol City Council reaffirms its commitment to sharing policy chairs proportionally

The Green Group has begun negotiations with the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Group Leaders.

Having won 34 council seats, just two shorts of a majority, the Green Group has written to the other party group leaders, promising to “work collaboratively with all parties where our values and policies overlap”. 

Cllr Emma Edwards, Leader of the Green Group, said; “We remain committed to working with all parties to make sure the priorities of the people of this city are served well. We are willing to work collaboratively with other parties where our values and policies overlap.

“In light of this, I have begun conversations with Labour Leader Tom Renhard, Liberal Democrat leader Jos Clark and Conservative Group Leader Mark Weston to establish their group position on sharing policy chairs proportionally.

“No one party has a monopoly on good ideas. Working with other parties and the communities that we serve, we can make the best possible decisions for Bristol.”

Committee chairs, leader and deputy leader of the council will be voted in by the first meeting of the new council at its AGM on 21st May.