Bedminster heat network event

Find out more about the partnership that will be delivering over £1billion investment into Bristol’s energy system, Bristol City Leap, at the Bedminster heat network event

Vattenfall, the heat network partner for Bristol City Leap, is hosting an event on the Bedminster heat network with Action Greater Bedminster on 6th June at 7-8.30pm, in the Windmill Hill City Farm cafe.

This evening event will introduce the partnership that will deliver over £1 billion of investment into Bristol’s energy system, including the expansion of the heat network across the city.

Bedminster is one of the heat network areas and the delivery team will be on hand to talk through what exactly this looks like and why it’s needed to help reach Bristol City Council’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030. 

The session will also cover project updates on the temporary energy centre, the Bedminster Green crossing and planned works to expand the network across Bedminster.

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