Labour holds Bristol South

Labour keeps hold of Bristol South seat as Karin Smyth is re-elected in general election

Labour has kept hold of the Bristol South constituency as Karin Smyth is re-elected in the general election. But the Greens made huge gains since the last election in 2019 and came in second place.

Labour won with 42.7 per cent of the vote, ahead of Jai Breitnauer for the Greens who won 25 per cent. Reform UK came in third, followed by the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and finally the Social Democratic Party.

Ms Smyth said: “I’m so grateful for all your support in the last nine years and in this campaign. At this election after 14 wasted years in opposition, we look like we have earned the trust of the nation once again. You’ve not only elected me as your MP, but as part of a government to rebuild Britain.

“I know about the hardship that many people have encountered, the damage that this Tory government has done. And for some, this has bred a cynicism about the future, a belief that things can’t get better, that politics doesn’t help you with your problems. That changes today.”

The constituency includes areas such as Bedminster, Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe, Knowle and Southville. Labour has held the seat since the 1930s, electing just four MPs since 1945. Ms Smyth was first elected in 2015.

At the last election in 2019, Karin Smyth was elected with half of the votes, comfortably ahead of the Conservative candidate in second place, the Lib Dems even further behind in third and the Green Party candidate, who only narrowly lost his deposit.

Labour won 18,521 votes, while the Greens won 10,855 votes. Richard Visick, the Reform candidate, won 6,195 votes and 14.3 per cent. Liz Brennan, the Conservative candidate, won 4,947 votes and 11.4 per cent.

Andrew Brown, the Liberal Democrat candidate, won 2,721 votes and 6.3 per cent. Neil Norton, the Social Democratic Party candidate, won 164 votes and 0.4 per cent. The turnout was 57.7 per cent.

By Alex Seabrook Local Democracy Reporter