Former teacher turned quizmaster launches ‘Fun for all ages’ board game on Kickstarter


Sam Munnings, former Primary School Teacher at Holymead Primary in Brislington and now chief quiz host and owner of Let’s Get Quizzical, has branched out into board game development and has just launched Colour Scapes on Kickstarter.

Board game development for Sam started as a hobby of making games for his children and enjoyed playing them with his family and friends alike. So he decided to set up the company Game Over with his friend and partner in crime Nick. 

Colour Scapes is an addictive tile-placement game where you aim to score points by playing as much of your colour possible on your grid while being able to also hinder your opponents by playing on their grid! With 40 different grids to play at 3 levels of complexity, there is lots of fun to be had! Colour Scapes is an easy to learn, hard to master game!

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So the game was my idea and Nick helped develop and test it and we together we set up the company ‘Game Over’.

The game Colour Scapes was made for my son’s birthday and works great as a family or as adults We often take it to meet friends and play at the pub as adults.

You should play Colour Scapes as it is addictive, challenging, every game is different and it is a lot of fun. If you like a tile placement game with a few twists and turns – Colour Scapes is the game for you

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