Knife Crime Awareness Week 

Police and Crime Commissioner emphasises the importance of Knife Crime Awareness Week

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Clare Moody is supporting Knife Crime Awareness Week, taking place now til 26 May, 2024. 

This crucial campaign highlights the devastating impact of knife crime on communities and the importance of education in preventing such incidents.

Knife Crime Awareness Week is a national initiative aimed at drawing attention to the severe consequences of knife crime, offering educational resources about its risks, and emphasising the collective responsibility in tackling this issue. The campaign underscores the complexity of knife crime, the trauma it causes to families and communities, and the fact that it is a preventable problem.

In the previous week, the PCC joined Avon and Somerset Police on a knife sweep (pictured). The operation, which ran from 13 to 19 May , intensifies efforts to combat knife crime through proactive policing and community engagement. Following on from this action, there will be community interventions offered by the organisations involved in the Violence Reduction Partnership.

PCC Clare Moody stated, “Knife crime destroys lives. During Knife Crime Awareness Week, we are shining a spotlight on the preventative work being done by the Violence Reduction Partnership, Avon and Somerset Police, and our commissioned services. These collective efforts are vital to ensuring families and whole communities don’t have to experience tragedy, and young people can have the future they deserve.”

Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) Initiatives

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, through its Violence Reduction Partnership, collaborates with specialist partners at both strategic and local levels to understand and address the root causes of violent crime. Key VRP initiatives include:
Community Mentoring:
Providing 1-to-1 support for young individuals, particularly boys and young men, who are disproportionately affected by knife crime.

Parenting Support Groups:
Offering peer and 1-to-1 support for parents and carers of children involved in or at risk of serious youth violence and exploitation.

Prevention Workshops:
Organising workshops to raise awareness about serious youth violence, exploitation, County Lines, knife crime, and the negative influences of social media.In Avon and Somerset, there were 1,600 violent or public order offences involving a knife last year.

For more information on Knife Crime Awareness Week and the efforts to combat knife crime, please visit the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner’s website

Main image: PCC Clare Moody with police officers at a Bristol knife sweep