Get ready for March MATness

The global Pilates phenomenon that encourages you to take to the mat

March MATness is a global thing and great way to get into Pilates with any instructor or at home. In March, the Pilates community heads to the mat and wax lyrical about even some of the trickiest moves.

‘March MATness’ is an annual awareness campaign celebrating the traditional sequence of Joseph Pilates mat exercises, originally spearheaded by Benjamin Degenhardt. Not a challenge nor a competition, March MATness encourages you to explore the exercises as you see fit and might just catalyst your Pilates journey. 

Here are some of the benefits of doing Pilates:

  • Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles and improving mobility, improving overall posture and flexibility.
  • Pilates exercises target multiple muscle groups, leading to an increase in overall strength, balance and alignment.
  • Pilates emphasises tuning into your breath and each movement, helping reduce stress and anxiety levels. And increase lung capacity!
  • Low impact and injury-preventive, Pilates is a good option for people with joint pain and supports your other athletic adventures.
  • The mindfulness encouraged during Pilates can help improve mental focus and increase body awareness.

Keep an eye out for March MATness on social media and beware your Pilates teacher may start class with The Hundred! 

By Leanne Copley, Sona Pilates