Your bid

Ade from Bedminster Pharmacy urges traders to VOTE YES to the Bedminster BID 

“We are approaching the reballot for the Bedminster BID, which has been doing great work for the area for the last 10 years. We need all traders to please vote YES in the Bedminster BID Ballot, YES, to the new 5-year plan outlined in our renewal brochure. 

Why? I love our South Bristol Community, and I am proud to play an active part in ensuring that, as a BID, we represent and support the traders while helping build a thriving community. The need is urgent in the face of a hard time for many on our high streets and in our communities, with COVID restrictions and, more recently, with inflation and cost of living pressures.  

As we look at the opportunities of the next five years, the biggest one is that thousands of people are now due to move into the area as developments begin to be occupied by residents. The BID is gearing up to welcome them and to sell them the rich, exciting, vibrant offer that local traders in our community showcase daily.

Since arriving in Bedminster 10 years ago this month, I have been schooled in the creativity and entrepreneurship of Bedminster’s independent traders over time. Some say it represents people’s character in this part of the city. Take this old gem: How many miles between the London Inn Pub and the Bedminster Town Hall?” Those that know will shout 3! 

Reinvention and ingenuity are more challenging today, but the Bedminster BID helps us do it together, harnessing our shared resources, ideas and being able to make local decisions. We can deliver on the priorities set by traders. This includes 

Improving the area and streets through more regular deep cleaning and anti-tagging

Reducing crime and antisocial behaviour by building stronger links with police

Promoting and marketing Bedminster traders to all of Bristol, including visitors to the city because we have so much to offer them.  

Can we do this? We must. If there is no BID, no one will do this for us. We will lose the voice representing us to Bristol City Council and building developers, as well as our array of transformative projects and partnerships. 

As fellow Bedminster BID Director Chris Cierpik, Director, Rare Butchers in North Street, says in our BID Renewal Brochure – voting ‘Yes’ is to make the cleanliness and safety of our streets a priority, alongside achieving real improvements for our area that encourage and maintain footfall. 

Our vision is to deliver Clean, Green and Vibrant Street. Vote Yes, but please alsoparticipate actively in our work. It is your BID.