‘Maggie Thatcher is in Soho’

“Maggie Thatcher in Soho” has been touring for over ten years and is a regular sell out at Edinburgh festival.  It is a riotous celebration of camp and comedy that takes the audience on a wild, satirical journey into the life of Britain’s infamous former Prime Minister.

Matt Tedford’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher as a glamorous, larger-than-life drag queen is fantastic. He effortlessly channels the Iron Lady’s signature style and his performance is a masterclass in comedic timing. Also superb are the two supporting actors who cleverly and hilariously play all the other parts! From Cabinet Ministers to activist Peter Tatchell, clubbers in soho and the villainous MP Jill Knight (BOO!). It is wonderful to feel in on the joke and to see the cast enjoying the show as much as the audience.

The show’s soundtrack, featuring iconic ’80s pop classics and reworked showtunes, provides the perfect backdrop for the extravagant and dramatic scenes that unfold on stage. 

While “Maggie Thatcher in Soho” is undeniably a good time, filled with campy humour and witty one-liners, it also manages to convey a subtle political undertone and a message of acceptance and kindness. 

“Maggie Thatcher in Soho” is a laugh out loud show that combines political satire, campy comedy, and a touch of heart. 

At the Tobacco Factory until Saturday Night

Jacqui Ham