Bingo at Tiffany’s with Audrey Heartburn 

Enjoy an evening of riotous fun, laugh-out-loud humour and bingo like you have never played before!

Audrey Heartburn, aka Tracey Collins, is looking for love after her man has let her down… a theme that permeates the evening as she hosts Bingo at Tiffany’s!

From start to finish, we and the entire audience was hooked as Audrey Heartburn had us all shimmying from the opening beats of the show, shaking our invisible maracas, to the finale ‘love train’ where everyone was on their feet dancing through the theatre at close of play! And, of course playing bingo – but bingo like you have never known it – with must-win prizes including a pink toilet seat and LOVE cushion!

Her character is based on socialite Holly, a vivacious good-time girl from the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s set in the early 1940s that it’s a play on, but with a comic twist. 

Tracey Collins AKA Audrey Heartburn

There are clever nods back to the film such as her glam 1940s-style costume and even a [toy] cat like the original it is billed on. 

It’s packed with comedic moments that got big laughs from the audience, and full of quips (‘Unlucky in love but will you be lucky in bingo?’), innuendo, laugh out loud humour, song, dance and music (disco tunes, Tom Jones numbers and . 

Brilliantly crafted from start to finish from props to prizes, from gags to music – a must-see performance.

Tracey Collins is at the Tobacco Factory tonight (16 Sep) with her show Burnin’ Love Bingo With Elvis Lesley.