‘Hakuna Matata’

‘What a wonderful phrase’

The Lion King the musical is back in Bristol until July the 1st so make sure you hurry down and enjoy the wonder of this show

Set against the stunning scenery of the Serengeti Plains and the beautiful rhythms of Africa, Disney’s Lion King follows the powerful story of Simba and his journey to his destined role as King of the Pridelands.

Based on Disney’s popular film, this theatrical production can boast 232 puppets per show, five African languages spoken, over 110 million people have seen it so far and it has won six Tony awards to date

It is vitally important you are in your seat for the circle of life opening number because you wouldn’t want to miss the beauty and spine chilling moments that occur during this

All of the well-known songs are within the show, as well as some beautifully sung additional numbers. There are some great comical updates, which have the audience members laughing along with brilliant performances from all of the actors and the ensemble

A major part of this show is the fantastic playing from the orchestral team, including two excellent drummers in the audience themselves, who are a real pleasure to watch

I really couldn’t choose a favourite performer as the quality is so good. Every time I see the show it gets better and better and I notice more more things so make sure you get down there to the Bristol Hippodrome to see how fantastic it is for yourself!

Disney’s The Lion King is on at Bristol Hippodrome until the 1st of July with ticket starting at £20