New on-demand ‘West Link’ Minibuses

A FLEET of green minibuses forming a new ‘on-demand’ service within the West of England will hit the streets this summer as part of a £3 million plus investment. Passengers in zones across the West of England will be able hail a ‘WEST link’ minibus by using an app on their smartphone, visiting a website or by phoning up. The minibuses will be unrestricted by a timetable. Ticket prices will match the recently reduced fares on West of England buses. The service will run 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday. The scheme is being funded by the West of England Combined Authority through the Bus Service Improvement Plan. The minibuses will be in large swathes of North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and parts of Bristol including Windmill Hill, Knowle, Brislington and St Anne.